CityBeat’s General Election Endorsements

Our thoughts and picks on all the candidates, measures and props on the Nov. 6 ballot.

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We’ve rolled out a few endorsements and articles over the past few months, but when it comes to the very important election on Nov. 6, we’re happy to present this comprehensive list of endorsements as a handy guide for progressive voters. Reading and researching the seemingly endless amount of candidates and initiatives can be eye-glazingly tedious so we did it for you. Even if some readers disagree (sorry SoccerCity lovers), we still want everyone to get out and vote.

Gavin Newsom
John Cox is a carpetbagging has-been who aims to be California’s version of Donald Trump. We do not need it. Gavin Newsom has a long track record of outspokenness and action when it comes to progressive policies. He is a natural successor to Jerry Brown and will have the temerity and the temperament to take on the Trump administration’s far-right policies on everything from the environment to immigration. He’s ready.

Eleni Kounalakis
Lieutenant Governor
Ed Hernandez has been a staunch ally in the state senate, but just as in the primaries, we’re backing fellow Democrat Eleni Kounalakis. She is a rising force in the party and one that has the ability to appeal to both far-left progressives and centrists (hence the endorsements from both Sen. Kamala Harris and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi), as well as the pick of NARAL, NOW and Emily’s List. Did you know California has never had a woman governor? Let’s vote Kounalakis in and be one step closer.

Secretary of State
The Secretary of State oversees the state’s elections, its database of registered voters and is also responsible for the disclosure of campaign financial information. Incumbent Alex Padilla has been more than transparent in his job while also fighting back against GOP-led voter suppression tactics.

State Controller
Essentially the state’s bookkeeper, so we see no reason to change course from incumbent Betty Yee, who is so clearly a better choice than Republican Konstantinos Roditis, whose main plan is something he calls “trickle-up-taxation.” Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds.

State Treasurer
Since there is no incumbent running in this race, it’s especially important that we vote for Fiona Ma, who has the experience (she has served in both the State Assembly and the State Board of Equalization), as well as the ideas that we like. Not so much with opponent Greg Conlon, who wants to gut the public pension system. We agree that it needs an overhaul, but Conlon’s privatization ideas are dangerous.