2011 – 2012 Session

AB 74 - Sasha’s Law (Concert and Music Festival Act)

Addresses public safety issues at rave events on State and private property by providing guidelines for safety precautions, and accountability tools for law enforcement.

AB 183 - Self-Service Alcohol Sales (Endorsed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, California Police Chiefs Association, and California Professional Firefighters)

Ensures that all alcohol purchases be done with a face-to-face transaction to ensure proper identification, curb underage drinking & DUIs, and prevent the sale of alcohol to minors.

AB 199 - WWII Filipino Veterans in Curriculum

Encourages social science instruction in grades 7-12 to include the significant role of Filipinos in World War II to ensure that our children and future generations learn of the contributions and sacrifice of these brave Filipino soldiers before we lose them to history.

AB 300 - Safe Body Art of 2011

The Safe Body Art Act of 2011 protects our public health by creating statewide standards for the regulation of persons engaged in the business of tattooing, body piercing, and the application of permanent cosmetics in California.

AB 431 - Retired Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) (Endorsed by California Board of Accountancy)

Provides qualified retiring CPAs a Retired-CPA designation option to prevent the cancellation or surrendering of licenses in order to ease re-instatement and reduce stigma.

AB 491 - General acute care hospitals: cardiac catheterization

Authorizes two general acute care hospitals to provide cardiac catheterization services in a connected outpatient facility.

AB 536 - Doctors Records (Endorsed by Union of American Physicians & Dentists - UAPD)

Protects doctors and patients by requiring the Medical Board of California (MBC) to publish only factually proven information on medical accusations and investigations.

AB 593 - Habeus Corpus

This bill expands the provisions allowing a habeas corpus petition in cases where intimate partner battering was not introduced into evidence to include cases where the evidence was not competent or  substantial and where such evidence may have changed the sentence not just the conviction.

AB 631 - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (Supported by Electric Vehicle Service Providers & Electric Vehicle Service Equipment Coalition - EVSP & EVSE Coalition)

Enables the fair market development of an electric vehicle infrastructure in California and provides certainty to consumers of electric vehicles by codifying the CPUC decision that electric vehicle charging stations do not fall under CPUC jurisdiction as a public utility.

AB 733 - Pupil records: privacy rights

This bill makes numerous technical changes to conform state law with the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act regarding access to pupil records without parental consent or judicial order, as well as makes more substantive changes that are permitted by federal law.

AB 812 - Solid Waste: recycled asphalt

This bill authorizes the Department of Transportation to establish specifications for the use of up to 40% reclaimed asphalt pavement for hot asphalt mixes on or before January 1, 2014.

AB 907 - Processors of farm products

This bill authorizes California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to impose sanctions three times the amount of unpaid or underpaid license fees, as well as requires any bond or irrevocable guarantee, placed in lieu of proof of financial responsibility, to include both past and future debts owed as a requirement of obtaining a processor’s license.

AB 1041 - Muni Camera Sunset (SFMTA)

Extends the sunset on the successful San Francisco pilot program that provides ticketing cameras on Muni buses to reduce traffic congestion, eliminate traffic bottleneck, and reduce transit travel time in the City.

AB 1200 - Elections: central committees

Makes numerous substantive changes to state laws governing the conduct of central committee elections. Introduced as: Combined sewage and storm-water systems. Requires combined sewer and stormwater (CSS) systems to report sewage spills to the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) and the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB).

AB 1593 - Parole: intimate partner battering

This bill requires the Board of Parole Hearings (BPH), when reviewing a prisoner’s suitability for parole, to give great weight to any information or evidence that, at the time of the commission of the crime, the prisoner had experienced intimate partner battering and provide that they cannot use the fact that the prisoner brought in the evidence to find that a prisoner lacks insight to his or her crime.

AB 1674 - Child custody: visitation

This bill provides that in any case in which the court has determined that there is domestic violence, child abuse, or neglect, and supervision is necessary, the court shall consider whether to use a professional or nonprofessional provider based upon the child’s best interest. This bill establishes criteria for nonprofessional providers, unless stipulated to by the parties or ordered by the court. This bill also establishes criteria for professional providers, including requirements that they receive 24 hours of training, and create standards for documentation, as specified. This bill requires professional and nonprofessional providers to inform parties that no confidential privilege exists, and that they are obligated to report all suspected child abuse to the proper authorities.

AB 1777 - Disposition of cremated remains

This bill authorizes cremated remains to be transferred from a durable container into a scattering urn, as defined, no more than seven days before scattering the cremated remains at sea from a boat.

AB 1839 - Veterinary medicine: veterinary assistants

This bill authorizes registered veterinary technicians (RVTs) and unregistered veterinary assistants to administer a controlled substance pursuant to “direct” or “indirect” supervision if specified requirements are satisfied, including undergoing a background check, but authorizes the Veterinary Medical Board (Board) to restrict access to a dangerous drug by an unregistered veterinary assistant if the drug is identified as having a pattern of being diverted.

AB 1877 - Repossession agencies: exemptions

This bill exempts, until January 1, 2018, a dealer and his or her bona fide employees from licensure as a repossession agency if they regularly sell specified collateral that is subject to a security agreement of the manufacturer or a manufacturer’s affiliate.

AB 1925 - Real Property: rent control

This bill limits the level of compensation for the temporary displacement of a tenant household for less than 20 days to both of the following: (1) temporary housing and living expenses of $275 per day, as specified; and (2) actual moving expenses if it is necessary to move the possessions of the tenant household. This bill applies the above provision only to units governed by the local rent stabilization ordinance in the City and County of San Francisco and applies those limits notwithstanding any local law to the contrary.

AB 1966 - Natural Resources: oil and gas: drilling

This bill requires a mineral rights owner to provide specified notices to the owner of real property if the mineral rights owner intends to enter the real property to undertake surface-disrupting or non-surface-disrupting activities.

AB 2564 - Environmental quality: pipelines: project applicants

Expands the application of an existing California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) exemption for pipeline projects less than one mile in length.

AB 2618 - Sales and use taxes: auction: vehicles

This bill limits who can acquire salvage certificate vehicles to those persons that are licensed dealers, dismantlers, auto repair dealers, or scrap metal processors.

AB 2643 - Property taxation

This bill makes several changes to the statutes related to property tax collection.

2009 – 2010 Session

AB 129 - Enrolled Agents

Provides privileged taxpayer communication in tax court proceedings for authorized tax practitioners, actuaries, and CPAs.

AB 144 - Disability Placards

Allows cities/counties to raise fines for illegal use of placard and abuse, and authorizes parking control officer to make citations, instead of sworn police officers.

AB 258 - Dominant Aggressor

Maintains consistency for law enforcement by replacing the term "primary aggressor" with "dominant aggressor."

AB 384 - Assessing Airplanes

Ensures that administrative efficiencies continue for both airlines and counties through a centralized assessment of airplanes, saving the state an estimated $1.7 million annually.

AB 586 - San Francisco Worker Compensation Clean-Up

Clean-up legislation that allows members of San Francisco's Public Safety community to receive full disability pay for a period of one year when they are injured during the course of work.

AB 606 - Blueberry Commission

Allows the blueberry industry to create their own commodity commission to help their farmers market and grow.

AB 759 - California Taxpayer and Shareholder Protection Act of 2003 Clean-Up

Clean-up legislation that clarifies current law on the criteria of an expatriate corporation to contract with the State by maintaining the policy against companies leaving the United States for a purely tax gain, while ensuring the competitiveness of state contracts in legitimate mergers.

AB 987 - Transit Village Plan Development

Expands the area in a transit village development district to include all land within not more than 1/2 mile of the main entrance of a transit stations, to encourage development around a transit hub to help communities deal with sprawl, traffic gridlock, commuting times, the loss of open space, and increased air and water pollution.

AB 1050 - Child's Voice in Family Courts

Strengthens current law to ensure that children of sufficient age and maturity are able to provide input in court custody proceedings with judicial discretion.

AB 1143 - Marriage Clean-Up

Allows one or both parties to change both the middle and last names by which that party wishes to be known.

AB 1203 - Ferries & Prop B

Provides Bay Area ferry service with grant money from the Transit System Safety, Security and Disaster Response program of Proposition 1B.

AB 1209 - Mobile ID Devices

Allows law enforcement to use mobile fingerprinting ID devices in the field vs. bringing people back to the station to be booked/processed.

AB 1693 - Building Standards Adoption

Extend the time agencies have to produce an interim building code from 12 to 18 months in order to raise compliance, reduce liability, save State costs, and increase public input.

AB 1736 - Fumigation Sunset Extension

Extends the sunset on the Structural Fumigation Enforcement Program to provide enforcement officials the ability to rectify improper or illegal use of fumigants.

AB 1800 - Landlord Imposters

Enhance penalties on criminals who pose as owners of a residential dwelling to crack down on property crimes in the wake of the State's foreclosure crisis.

AB 1888 - Safe Water Transit

Allows the San Francisco Bar Pilots to continue providing their services at no charge to maritime academy training vessels and museum ships.

AB 2240 - Agriculture Processor of Farm Products

Maintain the California Department of Food and Agriculture's Market Enforcement Branch (MEB) to assist farmers with resolving disputes with food processors, and assures farmers are fully paid for their products.

AB 2600 - Mayors Solemnizing Marriages

Allows mayors of cities to solemnize marriage ceremonies while they hold office.

AB 2700 - Separation Equity Act

An equality measure that will permit same-sex and other couples whoa re both married and registered as domestic partners to dissolve both relationships in a single proceeding, rather than having to go through two separate court processes.

2007 – 2008 Session

AB 23 - Cabaret Licenses

Allows California students access to theater facilities for special performances.

AB 101 - MUNI Cameras

Allows cameras to be mounted on the outside of buses to be used to ticket cars that park or double park in a bus lane.

AB 102 - Name Equality

The Name Equality Act of 2007 allows soon to be married spouses and domestic partners equal opportunity, regardless of gender, to change their surnames upon marriage or domestic partnership registration.

AB 305 - Car Dealers

Protects consumers by closing an unintended loophole in the Car Buyers' Bill of Rights related to the purchase of leased vehicles in order to prevent extra charges on buyers.

AB 361 - Decedent Estates

Requires an executor to notify the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) when there is a new administer of a decedent's estate. The bill is expected to generate $15 million in additional revenue over the next 3 fiscal years.

AB 402 - Assessment Changes

Eliminates the inequity of foster youth by correcting a loophole in current property tax law whereby the transfer of individual units within a cooperative development go unreported and therefore are not reassessed at current value.

AB 439 - Inmate Funds

Allows for the accrual of interest on inmate trust funds to help reduce recidivism.

AB 550 - Responsible Audits

Enables county assessors to eliminate wasteful audits and improve reporting compliance, which ensures greater equity among the pool of taxpayers to be audited and promotes audit efficiency.

AB 649 - Jockey Wages

Raising the wages (mount fees) for jockeys in the first time in 4 years, and then increases rates according to increases in the minimum wage.

AB 659 - Subsidized Child Care

Allows eligible families to continue receiving subsidized child care instead of being placed on a waiting list when transferring from a local to a state or federal subsidy child care program

AB 830 - Limo Safety

Increases the capacity for limos to carry 25 people safely.

AB 1062 - Solar Schools

Streamlines the process for schools to install solar panels to cut red-tape and expedite review.

AB 1108 - Toxic Toys

This landmark, first in the nation law to ban the sale, manufacturing, and distribution of toys with chemicals known as phthalates from being used in toys and child care products that are intended to be used by children under the age of three.

AB 1767 - Graffiti Removal

Prevents graffiti vandals from escaping community service and ensures that even vandals who settle cases outside of the courts will perform community services.

AB 1771 - Domestic Violence

Ensures courts consider the most relevant facts in issuing domestic violence restraining orders, eliminates any doubt and establishes a reasonable standard for courts to follow.

AB 1778 - CRV Recycling Theft

Addresses the growing problem of curbside recycling theft by organized fleets and makes recyclers responsible, by requiring identification and a check payment when a person presents a large amount of recycling.

AB 2592 - Locksmiths

Eliminates the prevalent underground economy that exists in the locksmith industry by raising the fines to levels consistent with other industries licensed under the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) to deter unlicensed activity and provides and incentive for district attorneys to investigate and prosecute unlicensed locksmiths. Increases the fine from $1,000 to $10,000.