Working families deserve a state Assembly that will help them pay the bills, which is why I have been a proud advocate and voice for working people during my first term in the State Assembly -- including a 100% rating on the California Labor Federation’s 2007 legislative scorecard. I look forward to again partnering with Labor on issues important to working people in San Francisco, San Mateo, and the rest of the State. Below you will find a snapshot of my record on issues important to working families over my first two years:
AB 2716 (MA) – Paid Sick Days
Sponsored by the California Labor Federation and modeled after the San Francisco Proposition F ordinance. 40% of all California workers receive zero paid sick days and are forced to make the decision of showing up to work sick or losing a day’s pay or even their job.

AB 56 (MA) – Secretary to End Poverty
Creates a cabinet level position to streamline anti-poverty and job creation services for the underserved.

AB 182 (MA) – Training Standards for IHSS Workers
Sponsored by AFSCME and SEIU establishes statewide job training standards for in-home support service workers.

AB 439 (MA) – GPS on Prison Camp Inmates
Sponsored by the SF Police Officers Association, this bill was a response to the shooting death of SFPD officer Bryan Tuvera who was shot and killed by a convict who escaped from a prison fire camp.

AB 550 (MA) – 24 Hour Care (Integrated Workers Compensation and Health Insurance)
Sponsored by the California State Building Trades Council, this bill would allow employers to reap the cost benefits of integrating the employer paid health and workers compensation benefits to allow workers to have full health coverage and be treated quickly.

AB 649 (MA) – Justice for Jockeys
Sponsored by the Jockey’s Guild, this bill gave jockeys their first significant raise since 1988. In the last 20 years, CA jockeys only received a 5% increase on the mount fees they receive for a race. Jockeys are some of the world’s best athletes, yet they have worked under conditions that baseball players worked under a hundred years ago.

AB 983 (MA) – Public Works Projects
Sponsored by union contractors, this bill held local governments liable when they submit faulty plans to general contractors. Lawsuits and delays in constructions due to faulty plans have cost building trades members’ jobs. The bill was supported by the SBCTC.

AB 1016 (MA) – Solar Schools
Streamlines the installation of solar panels on schools.

AB 1221 (MA) – Transit Oriented Development
Allows local governments to use tax-increment financing in transit zones to infuse money into development projects.

AB 2084 (MA) – Prevailing Wage for Stagehands
Requires companies doing business on state property to pay theatrical workers a prevailing wage.

AB 2942 (MA) – Hospital Community Benefits
Sponsored by SEIU, ensures community benefits hospitals are supposed to be providing are accurately reported.

AJR 56 (Swanson): Unemployment Benefits
Encouraged Congress to extend federal unemployment benefits.

SB 180 (Migden): Labor representatives & elections
Allowed farm workers the option to select union representation through card check.

SB 727 (Kuehl): Unemployment and disability compensation benefits
Expanded Family Temporary Disability Insurance Program. 

In addition to authoring legislation, Majority Whip Fiona Ma has been an outspoken advocate during her first 2 year session in the California Assembly: