As our state grows, it is more important than ever that our transportation network is modernized to meet our needs. Taking cars off already congested freeways is possible by investing in high-speed rail. Better transit reliability, improved roads and transit stations, and increased safety for pedestrians are among my priorities  I have also worked to secure needed transportation funds for our communities.

A few examples:

Authored AB 1203 which ensures government efficiency by allowing the 25% waterborne element of the Transit System Safety, Security, and Disaster Response program of Proposition 1B to be administered by way of an up-front grant allocation program, instead of a reimbursable grant program.
Sponsor: San Francisco Bay Area Water Transit Authority (WETA)

Authored AB 338 which allows local governments to use tax-increment financing to create transit-oriented development to helps communities deal with the potential negative externalities of unrestricted growth and sprawl such as growing traffic gridlock, commuting times, the loss of open space, and increased air and water pollution.
Sponsor: San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Authored AB 311 which will extend the sunset on the statewide equitable valuation of certificated aircrafts, saving the State millions in administrative costs and increasing efficiency for both the airlines and State counties.
Sponsor: California Assessors Association

Authored AB 144 which reduces the abuse of disability placards by allowing local authorities the option to crackdown on the illegal misuse with citations and penalties instead of with misdemeanor arrests. The misuse of placards depletes the supply of parking for people with disabilities.
Sponsor: San Francisco Metro Transit Authority

Authored AB 101 to keep MUNI moving by using cameras to ticket motorists who block dedicated transit-only lanes.

Convened the Legislative High-Speed Rail Caucus to galvanize support for high-speed rail in California and prevent the continued delay of this vital project.

Authored AB 23 to install countdown signals, audible warnings and other pedestrian improvements along state highways like 19th Avenue, Van Ness Avenue, and Sloat Boulevard.

Authored AB 1221 to provide critical tax-increment funding to carry out transit village plans.

From 2003-2005, chaired the Finance Committee of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, the agency that delivers more than $9 billion in sales tax funded transportation projects.