Fiona Ma had the pleasure of meeting Jane Pauley on January 27, 2014, who served as co-host of the Today Show from 1976 to 1989 and anchored Dateline NBC for 11 years.  She talked about her own life/career and about the amazing people experiencing "Second Chapters" in her new book, Reimagining the Rest of Your Life.

As a "Gen Xer" living with her housemates, Dad and Mom, she's keenly aware of many issues affecting the elder generation -- namely access to affordable and adequate health care, mental illness, importance of social security, and the stress of economic downturns and uncertainty.

In the State Assembly, Fiona has sponsored and passed many laws affecting Baby Boomers and others:

Fiona Ma has received many awards and recognitions over the years most notably in this area by the Congress of California Seniors: 100% Legislative Report Card (2011) and from the Democratic Women's Forum: Eleanor Roosevelt Woman of the Year (2013).