As a member of the Assembly Public Safety Committee, I have worked to assist victims of violent crime and keep our communities safe. Through investments in our young people at early stages, increasing the state's focus on rehabilitation and working for gender-responsive services that meet the needs of women and families, California can make important strides toward a safer tomorrow.

A few examples:

Authored AB 1209 which will allow law enforcement the option to use mobile fingerprinting identification (ID) devices to capture fingerprints in the field when arrestees do not have proper ID or where the arrestee voluntarily agrees to a field booking.
Sponsor: Office of the Attorney General

Authored AB 517 which creates statewide standards for the regulation of persons engaged in the business of tattooing, body piercing, and the application of permanent cosmetics in California.
Sponsors:California Association of Environmental Health Administrators (CAEHA), Health Officers Association of California (HOAC), Association of Professional Piercers (APP)

Authored AB 258 which will prevent confusion for law enforcement on domestic violence charges by replacing the term “primary aggressor” with “dominant aggressor.”
Sponsor: California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

Authored AB 439 to use GPS (global positioning system) devices to improve how California deals with criminals working at our state's fire camps. One such person murdered a San Francisco police officer when he was able to simply walk away.

Chair the Select Committee on Domestic Violence, which is convening hearings across California to provide greater assistance to domestic violence survivors and their families while developing new prevention and awareness programs.

Co-Authored AB 841 to keep our kids safe from sexual predators on the Internet.

Secured an audit from the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to determine how the placement of sex offenders in unlicensed group homes affects local communities.

Working with San Mateo county officials to develop gender-responsive, local strategies to help women and families deal with incarceration.