California has an incredible opportunity to build on San Francisco's success in making sure every person has access to quality, affordable health care. As a member of the Assembly Health Committee, I've fought to limit HMO abuses, improve quality care, and rebuild the state's crumbling hospital and trauma care infrastructure. I've also worked to call attention to important health crises: Hepatitis B in the Asian American communities, HIV/AIDS among older Californians and hydrocephaelus, a neurological condition affecting one million Americans.

A few examples:

Original co-author of SB 840, to create a single-payer system for health care in California that would cover every person while keeping costs low.

Authored AB 550 to create a "24-Hour Care" program that will ensure individuals receive high-quality health care whether they are injured at home or on the job.

Led the Hep B Free campaign ( with Mayor Gavin Newsom to encourage the City's Asian and Pacific Islander communities to get tested and treated for this disease.

Authored AB 659 to ensure that the University of California studies the impact of HIV/AIDS among older Californians and develops age-appropriate clinical care guidelines and prevention activities for this population.

Authored ACR 66 to call attention to hydrocephaelus, a neurological condition that creates excess fluid in the brain, but can be successfully treated if diagnosed.

Co-Authored AB 28 to continue California's Breast Cancer research tax return check-off.