It's important that we generate the revenues to pay for the services Californians expect. California is home to innovative companies that lead the nation in technology, biotechnology, film production, and so much more. As a member of the Revenue and Taxation Committee, I've led efforts to reform our outdated tax code to reward investment in our state and keep high-paying jobs here in California. 

A few examples:

Authored AB 1401 which encourages the growth of organic farming in California by creating the Transition to Organics Fund, where farmers can apply for reimbursement for organic certification process.

Authored AB 1087 which will help small businesses and retailers streamline their accounting processes and reduce audit burdens by simplifying and clarifying the determination of sales taxes for delivery charges.
Sponsor: California Retailers Association

Authored AB 815 which will create fairness in public works projects and reduce public sector costs by clarifying that a public works projects contractor not be held responsible for the completeness and accuracy of architectural and engineering plans when the local agency developed those plans.
Sponsor: Construction Employers Association and Associated General Contractors of California

Authored AB 797 which would require the California Board of Accountancy to post the full text of its disciplinary decisions for a period of ten years, increasing consumer protection and the transparency of disciplinary decisions.
Sponsor: California Society of CPAs

Authored AB 606 in response to the positive health benefits of blueberries and their high demand. AB 606 creates the California Blueberry Commission to allow the California blueberry industry to better adapt to the quickly expanding market by providing valuable market research and assistance to the State’s blueberry farmers.
Sponsor: California Blueberry Association

Auhtored AB 129 which safeguards taxpayers in tax court proceedings by conforming California with Federal law in order to provide taxpayers privileged communication with federally authorized tax practitioners like enrolled agents, actuaries, and certified public accountants.
Sponsors: California Society of Enrolled Agents and California Society of Public Accountants

Authored AB 1591 to modernize California's outdated tax system, which discourages investment in the state and its people. AB 1591 eliminates the tax penalty for hiring new employees or developing property here in California instead of other states.

Co-authored AB 1360 to ensure that the state Franchise Tax Board properly notifies California businesses about their tax liability. AB 1360 requires FTB include an actual date -- not just an indicia -- so taxpayers know when the bill was actually mailed.

Convened the Revenue Advisory Panel at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to study and improve San Francisco's tax system.

Convened the Small Business Advisory Group to explore ways to streamline City government and grow the local economy. The group's One-Stop Shop policy proposal is now a ballot measure in San Francisco called Proposition I.