California must be a place where we can all achieve our dreams, regardless of who we are or who we love. I've worked to make sure women and people of color have equal access to state government and to ensure that LGBT Californians are afforded equal rights. 

As the highest ranking Asian American woman in the Legislature and former President of an Asian business association, I believe it is crucial that our public and private sectors reflect the diversity of our state. As a Bay Area Democrat, I am committed to civil rights for all, a path to legalization for our state's immigrant communities ,and vigorous enforcement of equal opportunity and non-discrimination laws. As Chair of the Legislative Women's Caucus Legislation Committee, I have worked for gender equality.

A few examples:

Authored AB 1316 which would provide low-income utility ratepayers more advocacy by allowing the Low-Income Oversight Board (LIOB) more watch dog authority within the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).
Sponsor: Latino Issues Forum

Authored AB 102 that was signed by the Governor in 2007 which allowed couples to obtain the surname of their choice when marrying or becoming domestic partners. Now has authored AB 1143, a clean-up bill, making the process easier for County clerks by allowing one or both parties to change both the middle and last names by which that party wishes to be known after solemnization of the marriage.
Sponsor: California County Clerks

Authored AB 759 which provide the legislature and the public with greater information about the types of contractors receiving contracts from the state as it relates to minority and women-owned businesses.

Author of AB 102, which would allow domestic partners and both persons in a civil marriage to pick a last name of their own choosing at the time of their union.  Current law denies this right to domestic partners and imposes significant burdens on grooms.

Original co-author of AB 43, which would provide all Californians the right to civil marriage, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Co-Author of AB 295, which will improve California's data collection so all Asian Americans are appropriately counted.

Co-Author of AJR 29, calling on the federal government to update its hate crimes law.

Co-Author of SJR 15, memorializing the Armenian genocide.